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I have a family member that has spent a lot of time there, and he has been treated exceptionally well by the staff. They treat him like family. He loved it there. 5 stars!
Lori Cudd
What can I say that hasn't already been said. Everyone is amazing! We have never had an issue and would highly recommend for rehabilitation and long term care. The building is showing it's age but it is clean and welcoming. Our loved on has been at other rehabilitation that were modern and fancy where everything else was in turmoil. At LRC it's all about the care, service and professionalism!
Nancy Murray
I work along with LRC and have nothing but good to say about all the staff from receptionist- admin- cleaning- cnas - and nursing staff ( and anyone that I left out). Everyone is so helpful but most importantly love the patients and provide amazing care! Thank you all for all you do!
Jessica Harris
My mother stayed here for Rehabilitation after a Hip Replacement. The Staff have all been very kind, helpful and supportive. Lincolnton Rehabilitation Center provides great services in a safe and loving environment. We highly recommend their facility to anyone with Rehabilitation needs.
GregyBruni Braxton
We got to bring our loved one home today with the warmest send off from the staff! I as a family member cried tears of joy and of appreciation for the hard work they put in to take care of my mother in law. She had some hospital set backs and was here over 100 days. We always felt welcomed and everyone always speaks to you in the halls. The CNA’s, Nurse’s, OT and PT on the 100 hall we could never thank you enough for caring for her the way you did. The administration staff goes above and beyond to make sure that everything is going smooth with the stay. Of course not everything is unicorns and rainbows but they worked with us and listened to correct the issues fast. To the custodial staff thank you for your hard work with keeping her in clean laundry and her room clean. The facility is always nice and clean and smells like coconut on most days. To the kitchen staff thank you for keeping her pleased with her changes in her menu when she wanted something else. We would like to personally thank you from the bottom of our hearts for taking care of Bea like she was your family! You are all amazing people and hold a dear place in our hearts. ❤️
Crystal Slebioda
The staff at Lincolnton rehab are always so friendly and helpful! It is always happy and inviting when I am there. The staff love their patients like family and care for them with tender loving care! I love being there!
Allison Thompson
My mother came in for rehab after a hospital stay, and the people here are great! Friendly, knowledgeable and always ready to help. Thanks to everyone there for helping my mom.
michael grinavic
My mother has been at Lincolnton Rehab for almost 2 years, and we are very happy with her time there. The extra activities they have give her the will to get up and do things, like getting her nails done, playing bingo, physical therapy, and other little parties they have at times. She looks so forward to those things. But most importantly, she likes the food. The staff is easy to communicate with and if I need to talk to someone about her care, Roger and others are available to address any concerns. I can usually call and speak with a nurse who is directly involved with her care. Another thing I appreciate is that her Nurse will call me with any changes in her medication, or concerns over her doctors visit, or just anything they need to talk with me about. So I do appreciate that they keep in touch so well.
Jimi Vane
My brother has been to several rehab centers since he had quadruple bypass surgery last year (2022). Lincoln Rehab has been terrific with him. They kept me informed. He looked the best he has looked since his surgery. I would not hesitate to recommend this facility.
Danita Morrison
The staff at Lincolnton Rehabilitation is wonderful. From administration, nursing and the front receptionist. Nurse Carol on hall 300 has been a godsend. I really appreciate all who help take care of my mother. ❤️❤️❤️
Rebecca McDonald
My family member was transferred to this facility (which came recommended to us from a coworker.) As things with my family member changed- most every encounter with staff was compassionate, respectful and professional. If we had issues with anything, they were addressed in a timely manner. I am very thankful we had some great staff caring for our family. Would definitely recommend this facility if you are needing assistance for your loved one.
Farrah Putnam
Everyone from the staff in administration to the nurses went above and beyond. Could not have asked for a better place. I was very nervous and hesitant to go to a rehab center after my surgery. The staff in the physical therapy department was super knowledgeable and helpful in getting me back home as soon as possible. Not one complaint.
This center and the workers were a lifesaver for me. I was so afraid when I went and did not realize just how bad off I was. The rehab people started with me and did not let up. I don't know last names but Kyle, Kari Kristen judy Truman and several more helped me so much. Kyle and Kari were my main people and they were on it!. Everyday! God bless them. There attitudes are phenomenal and they are going to make sure to get you where you need to be. I love them. The nurses are wonderful Catherine Shana j Kim nafessa and the rest. I don't remember all names. Many more great nurses. Cnas..fantastic Brittany GinaIndia. Those girls rock and dont stop.. hard working and kind. The others are also but these were my main people. I would recommend this rehab to anyone. Also girls in activities abbie andNicole. Diedre Ashley Riley and other girls so great. Smart group this facility has. I hope I don't but if I have to come back it's here. Ok now the food..quit serving butter beans they went out 100 years ago and people don't like them! More food. Days when I ate lunch I thought wheres lunch. Boring. Ok but need newer ideas for lunch and dinner Breakfast ok pretty good. The dietician Lisa that helped was great. She listened when I had a problem with my gout and adjusted. Thanks for all you all have done for me. Exceptional! I'm going home but I will miss everyone. Margaret silcox
Margaret Silcox
My aunt is being cared for at this facility. Our family is extremely happy with the care and attention she is receiving. The staff is so kind There are many activities going on everyday. I’m so grateful for their care. It’s a true peace of mind knowing that she is so well cared for!
Paula Shaw
I had a hip replacement and needed rehabilitation . I chose to go to Lincolnton Rehabilitation for my needed therapy. Let me tell you, they do not play around, you are up and walking around. They have two gyms with so much equipment, anything that you could need for any kind of therapy. The staff was great! The CNAs were great! The nurses were fantastic. My daughter was so pleased, she has now placed her father there. I give them a five star rating. My neighbor fell and broke his hip and he too will be going to Lincolnton Rehabilitation. Thank you all for the great service you all provided. Keep up the great work! Phillis Eller
Kay Eller
Angela Vernon (Winky MaGee)
I placed my uncle here from a different home that was horrible to him. He is doing excellent at Lincolnton rehab. They treat him with so much care and compassion. I am so impressed with this home. I would recommend this home to any potential families that are looking to place a loved one. My Uncle came there broken and depressed and he is now eating, gaining weight, joking around. It's nice to have my Uncle back happy and healthy.
Kitty Marcella
Lincolnton nursing center has the most conscientious and wonderful staff I have ever had the pleasure to work with as a consultant pharmacist in the last 25 years. The leadership cares and provides amazing service to all the residents and staff.
Tamara Schnell
My mother inlaw " Betty "spent her last months of life here and they treated her so good, her main nurse & staff treated her as if she was family, I couldnt be happier with them & want to publicaly thank them for everything.
Joe Mama
The care my father received was truly kind hearted and loving. From accommodating him in his meal choices, helping him with daily tasks, to ensuring his comfort level, we will be forever grateful.
JZ Anderson
My father had a wonderful experience. Ann and his nurse Loretta made him so comfortable. He had three meals a day and the food was excellent. And he's a picky eater. Of course, there's no place like home, but Lincolnton Rehabilitation Center was a very close second. Thank you for making a tough situation a little easier.
Great job on my father-in-law. He enjoyed his experience and loved the staff
Paul King
my father had a 2 week stay and was taken care of with dignity and respect..the crew treated him very well..special heads up to Ann Sikorski who helped me get in the door after dads hospital stay..cheers to all admin, nurses, therapist.. we thank you all for all you individually did and to your team work to get him back to his family on Good is truly a blessing to us. We pray for good health but if its needed he will return. Peace and blessings to you all!
Karen Guffey
As a member of the medical community, things are always different when it's your loved that now needs help. When it came to deciding if I would take my husband home or let him go to a facility for further rehab, my husband was completely on board with with whatever I felt like he needed, and although I live less than 12 min from 5 facilities in Gastonia, Lincolnton Rehabilitation was the only facility I even considered for him. All the nursing homes are struggling with staffing during this time, but doesn't seem to effected this team of nurses and cna's. They were always available to met his needs, even when they seemed tired, they were always as my husband said many times, "You know you have some the nice people here. The is pretty good, but it is not your cooking honey!" He would say, "If I say I don't feel good to one person, it seems like 5 people would be back in here asking if I am OK and checking on me." I am extremely proud and appreciative of all the work,ti.e and effort done by the PT department and the OT department as as the nursing and dietary staff, that enable him to return ho.e after 22 days. No facility is perfect, but if want to make your loved one is cared for and all concerns listened to and addressed, this is the place to go. Job well done Lincolnton staff!!
Marilyn Surratt-White
I'd go here if I was old. The baked potatoes are on point!
joshua milburn
My sister recently entered this facility for Rehabilitation. She was welcomed by a very caring staff. The nurses,physical therapists,room attendances,management and dietary were all caring. I would recommend if you have a loved one to consider this facility
Rose Cramer
My Dad was there following hip surgery that had major complications. I never dreamed he would return home. The nursing and therapy staff were incredible. Each day I saw improvement, I could not believe it. When I took him to his follow up appointment with his surgeon, he was so impressed and surprised at his improvements. My Dad is Home and back to his routine, better than before the surgery. I would highly recommend this rehab for anyone. Thank you to Todd and his team, we will be forever grateful.
Angela conrade
Very good environment, staff are very friendly and caring, highly recommend this place!!!
Riley Pyle
The staff is always helpful and courteous. The facility and staff always try to help any way they can.
Ervin Schachel
The facility and staff are very pleasant. The staff are caring and competent..There were many good food choices.
Susan Schachel
This facility does well with my family member and other residents. I realize not all resident are the easiest to care for at all times and they do great with care. Until you take ur love one out just for 1 day u realize all they do for your loved one and it makes u appreciate what they deal with every day for all their residents. I wanted to post this positive review to really let people looking at this facility for short term or long term care what a good place this really is.
Tonya Brown
Friendly people
Ron Nonya